TOP Reasons To Join ADITNetwork.

* Advertise Your business globally and Get Paid daily with ADITNETWORK

* ADITNETWORK Launched from Asia & going globally in 200 countries.

* There are only 45,000 members in ADITNETWORK  to date and expanding daily -Get in Now!

* Over 30 Millionaires have been created in ADITNETWORK  in only 6 months from a 9 month old start up company

* Class A Offices in 3 Location: China, Hong Kong & Canada


ADITNETWORK Pays up to 1% Daily Rebates 6 days per week!



Site to register:, use sponsor id # 47414

Skype = bodallas

1-404 -448-1145


ADITnetwork is a Global Online Advertising Platform, which provides REAL services that today’s businesses desperately need.

With amazing leadership and a HUGE long term vision, ADITnetwork has created the most EXCITING opportunity for individuals to get involved in the Rapidly Growing Online Advertising Industry that I’ve ever seen.

Picture this: Imagine Google is just starting and it is rolling out as an MLM from day one, and has a reward system so vast, so powerful, that it caters to everyone from the most inexperienced novice through to the experienced networker, sales professionals, and most importantly it provides services in the single largest market space on the planet–online advertising.

To the novice consumer…

Do you have 10 minutes a day to review 20 websites of local businesses for 20 seconds each, and then click the mouse to give that business a 5 star ranking? If so then you can get this and more:

- Turn $100 into about $670

- Turn $300 into about $2,000

- Turn $1,000 into about $7,000

- Turn $2,000 into about $14,500

- Turn $5,000 into about $36,400

To the experienced networker…

Right now the main push by the company is to build out the consumer base in western countries, hence the reason for such outstanding rewards available via surfing and something calledconsumer credits, which are akin to frequent flier points except with considerable value and unique characteristics (each point you are given or purchase double in quantity 3 times).

Over and above what is described so far, think about this hybrid 4 part compensation system!

1 – A UniLevel fast start bonus up to 10 levels deep paid immediately. Generational bonuses are 10%, 4%, 4%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1%

2 – A Binary bonus of 10% of the volume of the lessor side with unlimited depth, no flushing, no breakage, no ceiling, and get this… no sponsoring requirement to earn it so if you are top notch pro you could even do a team build for the benefit those you care about

3 – A Matching bonus up to 8 generations deep! Generational bonuses are 40%, 20%, 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%. WOW!

4 – A Monthly Leadership Pool where the company puts 2% of all company revenue in a pool to share amongst the top 30 producers with the most volume in their top 3 generations for that month. In other words, it is a level playing field and ANY high volume producer qualifies.

To the sales professional.

Imagine providing businesses a way to get online exposure and rankings which will shoot them up all search engine rankings, and also get their business known to people based on language and location!

Your profit? 30% of sales revenue! (your sponsor also gets 12%, and their sponsor gets 8%)

It is always very wise to learn more, study closely, know it, feel comfortable with it. It is easy for me because I understand it well, live a 20 minute drive to their Burnaby office and have visited them twice for a total of 5-1/2 hours.

ADITnetwork Has 60 Employees Spread across 3 offices–an Office Located in B.C., Canada, To Service the North American Market, Their Headquarters Office is Located in Hong Kong and Their Advertising Division is Based Out of Shenzhen, China. More offices in other countries are in the planning stages.

Impressively, they have phone support from 9am-12 Midnight 7 days a week, and online chat available 24/7.

The North American Team currently does 2 presentations and 1 training session done weekday. The presentations are at 12:30 & 6:30, training at 7:30. All times are pacific time zone.

CONFERENCE CALL ONLY, Guest Call in Info: 712-432-0075, Pin: 273834 #

WEBINAR INFO, Paste This Link into Your Address Bar:

(register to view webinar with fake name and email, as it builds somebody’s list)

Finally, here is one of the recorded presentations, it is about 15 minutes long.

(register to view webinar with fake name and email, as it builds somebody’s list)

If you wish it send me your email address I will email the Power Point & spreadsheet I use.

Since the compensation system has a Binary aspect there is a definite FIRST MOVERS ADVANAGE in getting started quickly.

Register, then email me telling me your ID #, and also what level you’re coming in at. I am doing a TEAM build to benefit the most people possible. I want as many people as possible earning from the binary.

Site to register:, use sponsor id # 47414

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